Lillian DeShields (1935 - 2012)

In case you haven't heard yet, my family has suffered another loss.

As of 3:30 AM on Saturday October 6th; my grandmother (Lillian DeShields) passed away. She was in the hospital for over a week undergoing dialysis. The most I can tell you about my grandma is that she was a kind loving woman. She cared about family and loved spending time with us. She was a very spiritual woman. She loved God and praised him every chance she had.


I don't know if I can handle any more losses. I've lost 2 very special women in my life in the past 2 1/2 months. I'm not too upset because I know grandma's in heaven right now and she's in good company.

It's been a rough year for my family, but life continues.
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flash's ride

Flash Timberwolf's Mephit Fur Meet 16 Report

I've had an awesome time! That vacation was exactly what I needed. I really needed some time off just to get away and be with my friends. It felt so good to be among furries again! I'm also proud to say that I went through far less drama this year than last year. That's always a good thing!

And now here's the break down my vacation:

The Drive: It was the longest road trip I've ever been on by myself. (2,086 miles total up and back) It was an interesting experience; just me and the open road. Well two if you count my wolf puppet I brought with me. My car handled really well. Did great on gas. It did however struggle a bit going up and down all those hills in Virginia and Tennessee. On Wednesday I left my house around 10:00 AM. That night I stayed at a Motel 6 outside Knoxville, TN. Left the next morning just after 8:00 AM. Around 2:35 PM I arrived at the Whispering Woods hotel. Monday morning I left the hotel a little after 8:30 AM. That night I stopped at a Red Roof Inn just north of Roanoke, VA. Left the next morning around 9:30 AM. Six hours later I arrived back home.

The Con: MFM was really well run. Did the usual stuff. Bought stuff in the Dealer Room, hung out with friends, talked with others. Didn't do much drawing. I actually spent more time writing than drawing. I was working on my stand-up routine for the Masquerade. I did...okay. It was my first time doing stand-up in a partial fursuit. When I find video of it I'll let you know.

The Weather: Tropical Storm Isaac kinda messed things up for us weather-wise. We mostly got the remnants of it. The most severe weather hit us on Saturday night when we got a thunderstorm with heavy rain. Then on Sunday we had another passing thunderstorm. We even a got a tornado warning! The power in the hotel went out a couple of times. During the tornado warning we all had to be in the amphitheater. Afterwards the hotel was on auxiliary power until the lights came back on. Never went to a con during a severe weather warning before.

To My Friends the Millers: Recently Saizaku ( and his family moved to Bartlett, TN; within the Memphis area. I got to hang out with them before we parted ways. Thursday night we had dinner at Marlowe's Restaurant (Best BBQ in the world!) Saturday night was dinner at Coletta's Italian Restaurant. As of right now they are looking for a house in the Bartlett area as well as new jobs. I hope they get settled real soon. I wish them nothing but the best of luck to them all.

Summary: Mephit Fur Meet was great. My entire trip was very interesting. For next year; I'm just gonna fly down to Memphis and get a rental car for the weekend. It would be much easier.
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Alfrieda DeShields (1954 - 2012)

As of 11:00 AM this morning, my mother passed away. She was 58.

It's hard to imagine how quickly it all happened.

For the past 2 1/2 years my has been battling breast cancer. Less than 2 days ago she was about to be put under Hospice care. One minute we were going over her medications with the nurse and the next thing we know...she was gone...

*sighs* Well, at least she's no longer in pain and she doesn't have to suffer any more.

I love you, mom. I will miss you.
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Long Overdue Update

Well, it's been over 3 months so I guess it's time to post another journal here.

Anyway...let me get you caught up with what's been going on; besides me just working at my two jobs and hating them.

Earlier this month I finally got a new car. A 1996 Toyota Corolla. Check it out!:

So far, it's been the most reliable car I've ever owned. It currently has over 130,995 miles on it. It also has a 1.8 L. 105-HP engine, 4-Speed Automatic, cassette and CD player, power windows and locks, and a real spoiler. Did I mention forget to mention it has a remote, too?

And now for an artistic rendition:

Yeah, I know. I can't draw cars. :P

Also during the weekend, I was at the NJ Fur-B-Q. Had an awesome time. Got reacquainted with a bunch of furs I haven't seen in such a long time. I wish I could re-live it. I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow!

Oh well, time to plan for those furry conventions. I won't be at Anthrocon this year. However, God willing, I will be attending Mephit Fur Meet, Fur Fright, and Midwest Fur Fest. It won't be easy, but I'm willing to try. Hope all goes well.

That's it for now.
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flash badge 2

Flash Timberwolf's 2012 Car Show Review (Part 2)

And now for some pictures I took at the Atlantic City Classic Car Show:

If I could own any classic car it would be a 1989 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham:

Or a 1993 Sedan DeVille:

I would love to have a 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I'd look so cool in one of those!:

This 1981 DeLorean has a 3-Speed Automatic Transmission; but no Flux Capacitor, no Mr. Fusion, and no Hover Conversion:

This awesome license plate was in the front of 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner:

Here we have two Roadrunners; a 1968 GTX and the Roadrunner himself!:

And finally Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner in a 1969 Roadrunner:

I hope you've enjoyed these photo-filled auto-related journals. See ya later and drive safely.
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flash drawing

Flash Timberwolf's 2012 Car Show Review

Man! How long's it been since I've updated this? Anyway, here's some pictures I took at the Philadelphia Auto Show and the Atlantic City Classic Car Show:

First: The Philadelphia Auto Show. As much as I love going each year, I can't help but feel sad when I'm there because there are so many cars I want but can't afford like this Chevrolet Impala:

Or this GMC Sierra Ext Cab Pick-up:

Or even this Toyota Corolla. Yes, I want one of those too!

But aside from me pining over new cars, there were some other things I saw that were cool. Like this Mitsubishi Lancer EVO from the DUB show:

And this 1991 Pontiac Firebird from the Cinnaminson, NJ Police Department's D.A.R.E. Program:

They even had a Monopoly-themed test track where you can test drive Toyota Hybrid cars:

Finally, wouldn't it be cool to have this in your rec room?

That's it for now. Stay tuned; I'm gonna make another entry very shortly featuring pics from the Atlantic City Car Show.
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flash drawing

My 31st Birthday

Today I turn 31 years old. Not much has changed. I'm still broke...Still living at home...Still driving the same crappy car...Still single...Still a virgin.

But you know; In spite of everything I'm still happy to be here. Still alive...Still employed...Still furry. There is a positive side to all this.
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I'm Still Around

For those of wondering where I've been, I'm still here. I just haven't been updating as often. If you wanna know what I've been up to, just go to my FurAffinity page. I've been doing more journal updates there than here. I do check on my friends entries from time to time.
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Flash Timberwolf's Mephit Fur Meet 15 Report

Man, how long has it been since I've updated this thing?

Oh well, on to the report. First of all MFM was awesome! In spite of a few problems, I still had a good time. Before I continue let's get all the drama out of the way first.

First, my laptop screen got busted. It's partially my fault. I should've brought it with me on the plane instead of leaving it in my suitcase. I've seen the way those guys handle luggage! However; once I got back home I bought a VGA cable so as of now my laptop is looked up to my TV.

Second, remember how I kept saying that I should get laid after all the trouble I went through trying to get to the con? (refer to Well...sadly that didn't happen. I got no action that weekend. The only good thing about that is I break the stereotype about what happens at fur cons. So the sexual frustration continues. that the drama is out of the way. Let's continue. MFM was a great con. Very well put together. I got to meet with friends, hang out with people, bought stuff in the dealer room, got a sketchbook commission, and got some artwork done. (All which will be uploaded on my FA page soon)

Bucktown Tiger was the guest of honor this year. He's a really cool guy in person. Bought his latest CD. You should get it!

My biggest highlight of the weekend was...I got to perform stand-up in the masquerade! I did alright. People walked up to me and told me that. I always get more praise in fur cons than in comedy clubs. Weird, huh?

To summarize; Mephit Fur Meet 15. Awesome con! I did stuff, bought stuff, drew stuff, ate food. You know, the usual.

One final note: My friendsaizaku and his family are planning on moving down south by early next year. He wants to go to an animation school in Florida while his parents want to start a business in the Memphis area. I sure hope things work out for them. They deserve a better life.
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Anthrocon 2011 Post - Con Report

Here's my sorta basic day-by-day breakdown of my Anthrocon trip.

Thursday: Got done my shift at NAPA at 12:30. captroo  from Medford picked me up from work. Drove to Chester and picked up another passenger. Around 6:45 PM we arrived in Pittsburgh. Checked myself in the Omni William Penn Hotel.(It was my very first time staying in that hotel. Nice Place!) Azrael_the_white was my roommate. Got my AC registration. Had pizza for dinner with some friends.

Friday: Picked up a badge from Clementine. Found tabbiewolf  in the artist alley. We did an art trade.(Will be posted on FA soon) Performed at the Comedy Open-Mic panel. I did alright. Had a cheesesteak from Cory's for dinner.

Saturday: Worked on some art in the Zoo. Visited the ToonSeum for the first time. Definitely worth checking out! Had a lasagna wrap from Furnando's for dinner. Not bad actually!

Sunday: Finished my art trade with Tabbie. After closing ceremonies I had dinner at the Golden Palace Chinese Buffet. Then I just wondered around until after midnight.

Monday: Left Pittsburgh around 11:00 AM. It took us a while to get home because of an accident on the PA Turnpike.

To summarize; I had an awesome time. I bought stuff, drew stuff, met with friends, and just had fun. Now *yawns* I need some sleep. I gotta go back to work tomorrow.
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